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How We Can Help You?

Our aim when working with you is for you to leave feeling clear & empowered about your numbers giving you a peace of mind & a sense of direction about your financial position. Budgeting though, isn’t only about spending less, or doing without, although compromise and sacrifice is needed at times. It’s really about what you do with what you have, and how you go about utilising it.

This applies to everyone – It doesn’t matter whether you’re single, married, have kids, or even a small business owner trying to manage your personal finances. Or you may earn a decent income and have no problems with bills, but money just falls through your fingers like sand.

We will work with you through a Budgeting Exercise to create a solid foundation so that you can
propel toward your financial goals.

Our Areas Of Specialty

Budgets For Families
& Individuals

We assist individuals and families to create savings & household budgeting goals. We work with you to clarify and identify your spending habits and what areas are causing you the most stress. From there we create a easy to follow budget allowing you to live with a lot more clarity, less stress & a better peace of mind.

Budgets & Saving Plans For First Home Buyers

For some people, saving for a new home can be overwhelming and stressful. We work with First Home Buyer's to set actions around their savings target to reach their deposit goals. As part of the process we also help you review your personal finances & lifestyle choices to prepare for when the additional financial responsibilities happen after purchasing a home.

Financial Planners
& Mortgage Brokers

We work with Brokers & Financial Planners to conduct an analysis of your client’s financial situation before your first meeting with them. This is often the missing piece in holistically understanding the client's overall lifestyle choices & expenditure decisions. The budgeting service is a value ad to greater in depth analysis of client needs. 

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Clarity & Peace Of Mind In The Area Of Your Finances? 

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Here's What Our Happy Customer Have To Say

If you're like me or any person on their mid to late 20's, at some point you start being confronted by your financial situation. I've never really been in debt or even owned a credit card, but I've also never really gotten ahead with managing my money properly. If often find myself scrambling to pay off that unexpected bill and lose any savings I'd made. This was a constant cycle of never getting ahead and feeling extremely frustrated in the process. Fay ended up offering some help and from that point I haven't looked back . I now have a savings plan and every expense is accounted for, even those I don't know about yet! The biggest lesson I've learnt from Fay however has been about living within my means. It might sound straightforward but it goes much deeper than simply keeping costs below income. Once you understand and embrace it this philosophy creates a gestalt switch; the way you look at money changes forever.I'm a student and probably the poorest I will ever be in my life, but with Fay's help I'm consistently saving and looking forward to saving for a home after my next trip to Europe. She comes highly recommended - William, Individual Budgeting Client

Individual Budget Client            

Working with Fay has allowed me to feel financially empowered. The 'Spending Log' is a very powerful tool for me. I have used smart phone apps, to track expenditure in the past, however the Spending Log provided by Fay was much more useful. I found myself unconsciously 'self-censoring' my spending, so my spending habits were cleaned up before I even met with Fay! It has made me so much more aware of where my money goes, thereby empowering me to make deliberate choices about what I spend on. The tactile act of writing my expenditure down has really transformed my relationship with money - Tamika, Individual Budgeting Client

Individual Budget Client                 

I am so glad I consulted Fay from Budgeting123! Before I received the her guidance,I was overwhelmed and concerned about how I would ever find a way to manage my debts with the bank. When I contacted Fay, she was so understanding, professional and offered me a stepby step plan of action. I took on her coaching and I got a great result with my bank! I now havea manageable payment plan in place and I honestly feel such a sense of relief for the future.Thank you Budgeting123! - Hannah, Individual Budgeting Client

Individual Budget Client    

Fay Chan’s practical budgeting approach is one which transcends where a person may be in their financial life. Whether you are wealthy or struggling to make ends meet, budgeting with Fay is the cornerstone or platform to developing a sound personal financial plan - Co-Owner & Financial Advisor - Stephan Strategic

Joe Stephan 
Co-Owner & Financial Advisor - Stephan Strategic                 

We had the good fortune to be referred to Fay Chan to get our finances in order.It was a family initiative between my wife and myself to get our budget done for our family. We manage finances quite differently and needed to be on the same page. Fay’s budgeting service was thorough & professional - she was patient and worked alongside us to comb through all our expenses, including helping us decipher what was our personal expenses, and what was our business expenses.What the budgeting service revealed made us confront our current ways of how we managed our money and the changes that we know we need to make. Fay gave us the direction needed and the budgeting service gave us the foundation in how we now manage our finances - David & Michelle, Family Budget Clients

David & Michelle
Family Budget Clients